February 21, 2024

Hybrid Intelligence: Making New Connections between AI and Human Insight

By Larry Cohen

2023 was the year where Artificial Intelligence (AI) captured the hearts and minds of the business world.   However, with all this excitement about Artificial Intelligence, the real breakthrough has been the emergence of hybrid intelligence, or AI combined with human insight. This concept represents a synergistic relationship where AI and human intelligence complement each other, enhancing decision-making processes and strategic planning in marketing.

AI in Marketing

AI, with its data processing capabilities and predictive analytics, provides valuable insights that were previously inaccessible or too time-consuming to obtain. It enables marketers to understand consumer behavior, predict future trends, and personalize marketing strategies. However, AI is fundamentally a tool—it lacks the emotional intelligence, creative thinking, real world context, and pattern recognition inherent to humans.

The Power of Human Insight

This is where human insight comes into play. Humans excel in areas where AI falls short, such as understanding cultural nuances, understanding human emotion, interpreting language, and making creative leaps. A great example is using AI to create new marketing segmentations. While AI can help create the segmentations, you still need to leverage human intelligence to understand the emotional levers to activate the audience. By interpreting and applying AI's data-driven insights in these contexts, marketers can create more effective and empathetic marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence = Success

In conclusion, the intersection of AI and human insight in marketing—hybrid intelligence—offers the best of both worlds. It combines the computational power of AI with the creativity and empathy of humans. As marketing continues to evolve, the successful integration of these two forms of intelligence will be crucial in shaping the future of marketing.

Larry Cohen is an Adjunct Professor currently teaching Database Management & Modeling at the NYU School of Professional Studies. He is the Executive Vice President of Data Strategy at Decision Foundry, a Crest level Salesforce Implementation Partner, responsible for providing client advice and guidance on CRM, Data and Analytics. He has over 20 years of experience as an analytics practitioner, spanning client, agency and consulting roles at Toys “R” Us, Canon USA, Getty Images, Marriott Hotels, Publicis Epsilon, and IPG Mediabrands.

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