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Professional success at NYU SPS is defined in many ways by students and alumni; from exploring new career paths, landing opportunities in global locations, receiving promotions and finding happiness in their careers.

NYU SPS Career Outcomes Highlights

Regardless of how and where in the world students studied this year, the NYU SPS Wasserman Center offered digital and specialized support for SPS students to maintain career wellness in the wake of COVID-19. Even during an economic decline, NYU students and alumni are among the most competitive candidates because of the depth of their experience, the diversity of their networks, and the strength of their job ready skills. The NYU SPS Wasserman Center conducted its annual Life Beyond the Square employment outcomes survey for associates, bachelors, and masters degree students who graduated in the Class of 2020 over a 6-month period. The outcomes below reflect data from those who responded to the survey.


employed within 6 months of graduation


held an internship during their tenure


employed within 6 months of graduation


secured their positions before or within 6 months of graduation

Stories of Success & Resilience

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