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NYU SPS Capstone Program

NYU School of Professional Studies’ Capstone Program provides our graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning in complex, real-world environments. Capstone students or teams spend an academic year addressing challenges and identifying opportunities for clients or conducting research on a pressing social question. Students must quickly become familiar with an issueor content area, demonstrate skills such as project management and teamwork, and effectively gather, analyze, and present data. The final product exemplifies the volume and depth of theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

The twenty student project summaries in this booklet are representative of the NYU School of Professional Studies’ eight divisions, in addition to the Real World course, which places an emphasis on hands-on, experiential learning.


How beneficial is a Capstone to my resume?

Will I be assigned a faculty leader/mentor for my Capstone?

Can I work with other students while doing a Capstone?

Can I pick any topic related to my course of study for my Capstone? Does it need faculty approval?