Initial Faculty Appointment


All faculty must meet the requirements outlined in the Credentials for Initial Assignment of Rank for Full-Time Faculty or the Credentials for Initial Assignment of Rank for Adjunct Faculty. Credentials for the adjunct and full-time faculty populations are similar as rank is maintained if an individual moves from adjunct to full-time faculty.

Base Rank

Dean's approval is not required for assignment of base rank.  Base rank is as follows:

  • for adjunct faculty, base rank is adjunct instructor;
  • for full-time faculty, except those to be hired into the English Language Institute, base rank is Clinical Assistant Professor; 
  • for full-time English Language Institute faculty, base rank is Language Lecturer. 

Elevated Rank

For initial appointment at elevated rank, which is any appointment above base rank, additional review and approval is required. Departments should complete the appropriate request form and submit it, along with all supplemental material, to the SPS Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs (

If the candidate meets all the required credentials for appointment at the requested elevated rank, the request will be sent to the SPS Dean for review.

If the candidate does not meet all the required credentials for appointment at the requested elevated rank, a waiver of credentials is required and, therefore, the request will be reviewed by the Rank, Title, and Privilege (RTP) Committee.  If supported by the Committee, the request will then be shared with the SPS Dean for review.

Note that a request for elevated rank must be prepared and submitted even if the individual holds that rank at another institution.  

Offers of appointment at elevated rank cannot be made without official approval.


Additional Information

Holding a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for hiring any faculty member at base or elevated rank. If a candidate does not hold a Bachelor’s degree, a completed Degree Exception Form with supporting documentation as indicated on the form must be submitted to the Dean for approval.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016