Systems Management Concentration


The MS in Management and Systems Systems Management Concentration provides students with an enhanced knowledge of information systems design, development, and maintenance. As a student enrolled in this concentration, you will gain a deep understanding of systems development, systems administration, and systems architecture, as well as the ways in which each of these plays a critical role within the larger framework of organizational technology management. You also will explore application design and application development—two areas that afford a wealth of new and exciting career opportunities such as computer network architect, computer systems analyst, and computer hardware engineer.


*Not all concentration courses are offered each semester. Please contact your advisor for proper sequence planning.


How Does This Concentration Differ From a Master’s Degree in Information Systems?

What is the Systems Development Life Cycle, and How is it Addressed in This Concentration?

What Types of Jobs are Available in Systems Management?

What are Enterprise Applications and How do They Relate to Systems Management?