Global Offerings at SPS


NYU SPS is committed to providing a range of diverse global experiences to its students. Whether through full-semester study abroad or short-term Global Field Intensives, SPS encourages all students to broaden their perspectives with global study.

Undergraduate Study Abroad

NYU offers unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate students to expand their educational experiences with an integrated, international curricular experience. For additional information on the various full-semester study away opportunities offered through NYU's large network of Portal Campuses and Global Academic Centers, please visit the NYU Office of Global Programs.

Global Degree Programs

SPS offers several globally focused graduate degree programs in a variety of academic disciplines. Visit the below pages for more information about any of these programs.

Global Field Intensives

Each year, SPS offers a variety of Global Field Intensive (GFI) courses around the world that wil expand students' personal, academic, and professional perspectives and prepare them for a competitive global job market. These short-term, credit-bearing courses are specific to each Division and are taken as part of a specific degree program's curriculum. Some courses are available only to students within their respective degree programs, while others are open to those outside of the program. Upcoming GFI courses will be listed on this page in early 2022, so interested students should check back then for more information. 

Scholarships for Global Field Intensives

Tisch Institute Travel Award

A Tisch Institute Travel Award will be awarded to students within the Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport program who meet the eligibility requirements. The scholarship is open to all Tisch Sport students (domestic and international) and the selected recipients will each receive a one-time scholarship which will be applied towards the Tisch Institute Global Field Intensive course tuition and fees only. Interested Tisch Institute students can apply here.

SPS Global Diversity Scholarship

The SPS Global Diversity Scholarship is awarded to graduate students from historically marginalized communities who plan to participate in an SPS Global Field Intensive (GFI) course during the upcoming academic year. The scholarship covers the full cost of the GFI program fee, which includes housing, meals, and activities. 

Schack Global Course and Field Intensive Scholarships

The Schack Institute is proud to offer up to seven $2,000 need-based scholarships for students who participate in Global Courses and Global Field Intensives. Please note that scholarship awardees will need to take the course and participate in the field component to be eligible. The scholarship will be applied to the cost of tuition. Awardees will be responsible for the remaining tuition, activity fees, and/or additional GFI costs, including airfare and incidentals. Please contact for more information.

Etta Kallman Memorial Scholarship

The Etta Kallman Memorial Scholarship provides tuition assistance to students enrolled in a NYU study abroad program while pursuing a bachelor's degree through the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (DAUS). Applicants must have earned a minimum of 60 credits toward their degree and a minimum of 30 credits must have been earned at DAUS or elsewhere at NYU. This scholarship is awarded based on academic merit and financial need, and a minimum 3.0 GPA is required. Recipients will receive $2,000 to help offset tuition costs. Students can apply here.

Contact Information


For questions about any of the GFI courses listed above, contact your academic advisor or the Division offering the course. 

For general questions about Global Field Intensives or other interational offerings at SPS, contact us at



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