Christopher T Gaffney

Clinical Associate Professor

Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality

  • PHD, University of Texas at Austin
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Christopher Gaffney is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Tisch Center for Hospitality in the School of Professional Studies at New York University. A US-born geographer, Gaffney researches at the intersection of urban studies and sports mega-events. Gaffney´s monograph, Temples of the Earthbound Gods (University of Texas Press, 2008) – a finalist for the Association of American Geography´s Nystrom Award, explored the interdigitation of urban development and sporting cultures in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Gaffney served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Latin American Geography from 2014-2018, guiding the journal´s award-winning transformation. Gaffney has appeared in a slew of documentary films and is often quoted in the world´s leading newspapers and magazines. Gaffney ran an influential blog, Hunting White Elephants, and has written extensively on the impacts and realpolitik of sports mega-events across numerous formats.

In early 2018, Gaffney was the Project Manager for Team Rubicon's Long Term Disaster Relief project in Puerto Rico. A new project called Managing Un/Planned Events emerged from this experience and brings together research on mega-event management and disaster planning, relief, and recovery. This interdisciplinary project compares and contrasts the hosting of sports mega-events to “natural” disasters in the context of Puerto Rico and Rio de Janeiro.

Jan 01 2008

A. Temples of the Earthbound Gods

By University of Texas Press