Kristine Rodriguez Kerr

Clinical Associate Professor

Center for Applied Liberal Arts

  • BA, Carnegie Mellon University
  • MA, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Ed.D., Teachers College Columbia University
Contact Info

Dr. Kristine Rodriguez Kerr's research interests include new literacy studies, educational justice, online learning, and curriculum development. As a qualitative researcher, Kristine seeks to explore and understand multimodal composing practices in both traditional and non-traditional spaces of learning. As an educator in an increasingly connected and digital world, Kristine strives to engage, challenge, and inspire her students at all levels to become better communicators, critical thinkers, effective storytellers, and accomplished professionals. To that end, she works to encourage creative and critical reflections as students develop practices of writing and revision that prepare them to live in the world as thoughtful and active contributors. Kristine believes that it is critical for professional writers to strive to understand the affordances of new and emerging communication technologies, digital literacy practices, and the shifting relationships between authors and audiences in conventional and interactive contexts. 

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