Lee H Igel

Clinical Professor

Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

  • BS, Boston University
  • M.Ed., Boston University
  • PHD, Capella University
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Lee H. Igel works on developing insights about the business and social impacts of sports in cities. His teaching, writing, and advising aim at guiding people through changes happening across sports, organizations, and communities.

Igel is a clinical professor in the NYU Tisch Institute for Global Sport.

Since joining the NYU faculty, Igel has designed and taught more than 30 different courses at sites in New York, London, and Berlin. In addition to teaching, he has taken a lead role in collaborating on special projects in New York and Abu Dhabi that educate the general public by engaging top decision-makers and thought leaders in discussions on matters of both national and international importance. As an NYU Global Research Institute fellow in Tel Aviv, he has explored ways that the city's sports startup ecosystem can promote broader economic growth, social development, and regional cooperation.

Igel also heads an NYU initiative with the United States Conference of Mayors that focuses on how and why sports matters to cities and communities. Over the past 10 years, the partnership has produced more than 200 research and consulting projects on sports venues, districts, and destinations. It regularly shares new knowledge with the leaderships of municipalities, major professional sports leagues, and business and non-profit organizations.

As an associate in the Medical Ethics division at NYU Langone Health, Igel brings his background and experience to an interdisciplinary team that studies and provides policy guidance on organizational, cultural, and moral issues across healthcare.

Before coming to NYU, Igel oversaw integrated health change programs for senior corporate executives, elite athletes, and celebrity entertainers who were members at La Palestra in New York City. His career started out in sports medicine and player development. He holds degrees in physiology and counseling, and received a doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology.

Igel is regularly called on by global media outlets to provide analysis on breaking news about business, health, and social issues running through sport. His writing appears as a contributor to Forbes and in articles for major news, industry, and scientific publications. Igel also writes longer profiles, based on original research and first-hand interviews, about the strategic decisions that major sports leagues, teams, and executives make in supporting fans, employees, partners, and wider communities.