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Certificate in Financial Planning

The Certificate in Financial Planning is designed to fulfill the educational requirements necessary to sit for the Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination. The program covers all 72 financial planning topics required by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Board of Standards Center for Financial Planning, Inc., and additional relevant topics. In-person, online, and accelerated path, programs of study are available.


Certificates provide credentials for those who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of a specialized field, supporting a potential career change or an opportunity to upgrade current skills. As a student enrolled in a finance certificate, you will acquire the important skills you'll need for management roles now and in the future. Students enrolled in a certificate program will learn best practices in the industry and will be able to apply their new skills as systems evolve. Upon completion of your studies, you will have earned a credential that provides a thorough review of the field you intend to pursue and a deeper understanding of the potential career paths. 

The Finance and Taxation department currently offers eight certificates. Certificate programs consist of required foundational courses and electives.

  • Alternative Investments: The Certificate in Alternate Investments explores alternative asset including private equity; hedge funds; venture capital; and assets such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, real estate, and forestry. Learn how to recognize different types of alternative investments and become familiar with their role in building a well-diversified investment portfolio.

  • Corporate Finance: The Certificate in Corporate Finance is designed to provide you with critical skills and insights into the corporate financial decision-making process. It is structured to deliver the invaluable tools you need to launch or advance your career in this growing and evolving field.

  • Credit Risk Management: The Certificate in Credit Risk Management is designed to provide you with key tools and insights to identify and manage credit risk among private and public entities in global markets. Learn critical skills to evaluate borrowers using financial ratios, assess the strength and quality of cash flows, and identify and mitigate credit issues.

  • FinTech: Fintech, the integration of technology into financial service company offerings is revolutionizing the way business is done and is, in turn, greatly improving the customer experience. The FinTech Certificate offers insights into the key technological, market, and regulatory factors driving the acceleration of emerging technology use in global financial services.

  • Financial Planning: Obtain training for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board education requirements in the nine personal financial planning areas. Gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding that relate to all 72 domains, and prepare to sit for the Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination.

  • Investment Management: The Certificate in Investment Management is designed to provide you with core skills and competencies that are critical to the institutional investment decision-making process. Establish core knowledge of capital markets instruments and learn how changing market conditions affect investment portfolios. Learn to allocate assets to meet the goals and needs of investors.

  • Sustainable Finance: Sustainable finance is any form of financial service that integrates environmental, social, or governance (ESG) criteria into business or investment decisions. This certificate provides insights into how to integrate ESG factors into the screening process to identify green, socially conscious, and impactful investments.



Ashish Kohli

Adjunct Instructor

The continuing education programs in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Law, and Taxation provide an opportunity to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge that will advance your career and help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

We are pleased to share that we now offer a total of eight unique certificates within the School of Professional Studies (SPS). These innovative certificates include Financial Planning, Alternative Investments, Corporate Finance, Credit Risk Management, Fintech, Financial Accounting, Global Capital Markets, Investment Management and Sustainable Finance. The courses offered within the new SPS certificate courses provide students with the necessary body of knowledge and skills required to master the constantly evolving and complex worlds of corporate finance, investments and financial technology.

With access to a variety of courses led by professors who are industry experts and thought leaders in their fields, you can learn about a broad array of topics, from fundamental concepts to advanced and specialized ones, and acquire NYU credentials such as certificates or prepare to obtain industry-recognized certifications such as the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation.

Leonard Comberiate, Adjunct Instructor

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