DOVETAIL, Art & Literary Magazine of NYU SPS


Dovetail is the annual art and literary journal of the NYU School of Professional Studies. It is devoted to publishing and honoring the voice, craft, and originality of emerging writers and artists. We publish original fiction, non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, and all forms of visual art. Our editorial staff is comprised of students enrolled in the "Literary Magazine Production" course, which runs every spring semester. Dovetail is open for submissions every year from September 15 - February 15.

The following videos make the content of Dovetail come alive through art and music

Ozan Aksoy playing Saz (long-stemmed lute from Turkey/Kurdistan) with all of the images by Samea Shanori.
I am Grey
by Rairis M. Morrobel Reyes
María Grand playing tenor saxophone, Kanoa Mendenhall playing bass, and Savannah Harris playing drums.

I am grey because I am the mixture of black and white

I either sleep too much or don’t sleep at all
I am grey because it is not yes or no
I never know, I could never tell

I am grey because I fell in love with music first, and forgot all about myself
Could always get lost in a note

I am grey because I like transparency not clarity

I enjoy my own company instead of the company of empty souls

I am grey because rainy days are fuel to me and sunny days drain me

Money is not the motivation, respect is the greatest compensation

I am grey because I enjoy every trip, even the ones which lead to failure

I am grey because I visited every other color, but grey feels like home

Who You Are, Whose You Are
by Joseph Rousell
Immanuel Wilkins playing alto saxophone and keyboards, and Kweku Sumbry playing drums.

Overcome the odds with all you’ve got.
If you know who you are, you know who you’re not.
You’re a king and a priest, a son of God.
Directed by the Staff, Protected by the Rod.
The old self, crucified and left behind.
The new self, changed by renewing the mind.
Father, Son, Spirit, you.
Defer to them in all you do.
Walk in faith, not by sight.
Rely on God’s endless Might.
Resist the devil, control your feelings.
The Divine shift will leave you reeling.
Adam, the first and the Last.
The Latter is greater than the past.
Reconcile your inner strife.
And so too it shall be in your life.
The Word is one; prayer is two.
The 1-2 punch will always get you through.
This is your inheritance, this is your lot.
Once you know who you are, you’ll know who you are not.