January 24, 2024

A Day at Condé Nast: Exploring the Intersection of Culture, Fashion, and Media

By Emma Thompson

In early December, I, along with some of my fellow Publishing students at the Center for Publishing and Applied Liberal Arts (PALA), had the opportunity to visit the iconic One World Trade Center and tour the Condé Nast offices. The experience was nothing short of inspiring and provided invaluable insights into the dynamic realm of one of the world's most famous media institutions.

Standing before the gleaming One World Trade Center building, I felt a mix of stunned awe and nervous anticipation. As a graduate student passionate about the intersection of media, communications, and culture, exploring the headquarters of global media powerhouse Condé Nast was a dream come true.


The visit began with a warm welcome from the Condé Nast team and a tour of the building, which houses iconic brands from Vogue to Glamour to The New Yorker. Each floor had its unique identity, reflecting the distinct voice of the publications and productions it housed.

One of the highlights of the day was a Q&A panel with talent acquisition managers, who explained their hiring processes and were incredibly kind and helpful, answering myriad questions and offering practical tips on getting hired, from polishing one’s online presence to researching brands deeply before an interview.

The visit included a tour of the building's impressive production facilities, including photography and podcasting studios. We learned from the studio manager how much effort goes into producing a shoot, from bringing in the right equipment and props to managing the talent to orchestrating a shoot on incredibly short notice when celebrities are in town. Witnessing the collaborative efforts that go into producing the glossy pages of iconic magazines was an eye-opening experience that reinforced the importance of teamwork and creativity in the media industry.

The team at Condé concluded our visit with questions about our personal career interests, and offered suggestions for how to connect with professionals for insights and advice, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and creating a supportive community, especially for women in media. These conversations left a lasting impact, shaping my perspective on the power of mentorship and collaboration in achieving professional success.


NYU MS in Publishing Students at Condé Nast Studios

As a media and publishing graduate student navigating the professional landscape, the visit to Condé Nast served as a beacon of inspiration; I left One World Trade Center with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the exciting, ever-evolving landscape of media, culture, and fashion.

Emma Thompson is a former MS in Publishing student. Interested in all things culture and fashion-related, Emma aspires to work within communications/PR in the media industry.

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