January 23, 2024

Transforming Menus: Michael Shank on New York City's Plant-Based Meals Initiative in Schools, Hospitals, and Jails

Michael Shank, PhD, an adjunct assistant professor at the Center for Global Affairs, discusses New York City's role in championing plant-based meals across institutions in his recent article for Fast Company. Shank emphasizes the health benefits and broader impacts of NYC's efforts in prioritizing sustainable and wellness-oriented dietary practices. This initiative includes incorporating default plant-based options in hospitals and implementing Plant-Powered Fridays in public schools. 

"Food is finally front and center when it comes to climate action and policy. Or at least it’s on the plate. For the first time, food systems and their climate impacts were a major focus of the UN climate talks in Dubai last month, and climate-friendly food is increasingly being featured in mainstream media outlets. This is a sea change from just a few years ago. And while there’s some attention at the national level, with global governments developing food policies and pacts, many of the most exciting advancements are happening at the city level."

Read the full article here.  

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