May 7, 2024

Liberty and Dominance: Edward Goldberg's Analysis of the United States as the Global Liberal Hegemon

Edward Goldberg, Adjunct Assistant Professor at the CGA, published his new book, "The United States as Global Liberal Hegemon: How the US Came to Lead the World," which explores America's prominent position as the world's principal liberal hegemon.

Using historical analysis, Goldberg examines how America came to serve as a global leader, the necessity and sustainability of this role, and the benefits and drawbacks that this role has for the country as well as individual citizens of the United States. In the book, Goldberg also highlights how geographical advantages, economic dominance in the 20th century, and a culture of meritocracy positioned the U.S. to adopt this role in the 1940s. He emphasizes the evolution of this hegemonic role, which now includes functions like international policing and serving as the global central banker — a position only the United States can fill at the moment.

Read more about the book on SpringerLink.


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