August 8, 2023

CGA Faculty Spotlight: Michael Shank Discusses the Impacts of Climate Change and the Need for International Cooperation

NYU CGA Adjunct Instructor, Michael Shank, joined China Global Television Network (CGTN) America for a panel discussion on the recent worldwide environmental extremes fueled by climate change. During the conversation, Shank, who also serves as the Director of Engagement for the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, highlighted the critical need for international cooperation to address these increasingly common and devastating events. 

Throughout CGTN's segment "The Heat: Climate Crisis," Michael Shank discusses rising ocean temperatures, explaining, "ocean’s are absorbing a lot of that carbon... absorbing a lot of that heat; and it’s appropriate that we’re talking today given the timeliness of the conversation, and that we’re breaking records all month... all year. Certainly today the ocean is hitting record temperatures, too." 

Shank adds, "2/3 of Americans are feeling climate hit home more than ever before."

Learn more of Michael Shank's insights on CGTN America's Panel Discussion.

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