Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

Sociology of Sport

As a result of its escalating significance in contemporary society, sport has increasingly become a topic of public debate and policy concern. Sport sociology provides tools through which to develop informed insight into the matters that are at the foundation of contemporary policies and debates about sport. This course introduces students to the uses of sociological ideas and methods in the analysis of contemporary sport issues. A number of contemporary issues in sport are introduced in order to explore the application of sociological thinking, including socialization, deviance, violence, gender, ethnicity, social class, business, media, politics, education, and religion. Students are provided opportunities to develop perspectives on these issues that are informed by sociological research and theory. In order to explore the application of sociology to sport, students explore their own sport experiences using sociological concepts and methods. Students also learn to use the sport sociology literature to deepen insight into sport problems. In addition, students have an opportunity to apply sociological reasoning to the development of sport policy.
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