Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality

Planning & Development of Major Sporting Events

This course explores major sporting event preparation and planning in today's complex global environment. Discussion of the techniques for selecting and evaluating particular sites and modeling techniques for forecasting demand and supply in specific markets will be conducted. The development and use of action timelines is an integral part of this course. Topics include: the integrated development process of public and sports specific infrastructures; sources of funding; types of development including nonprofit sponsorships; partnerships; organizational development including volunteer staffing; factors influencing success; and potential local obstacles. Evaluating and selecting particular sites in specific markets, creating action timelines, and managing the budget process become increasingly important as the scale and prevalence of sporting events continues to grow. This course will explore the challenges involved in major sporting event planning and development from conception of the event to post-event analysis. Topics to be examined include: public-private partnerships and sports specific infrastructures; sources of revenue and funding; the importance of sponsorships; various event partnerships; organizational development including security, volunteer staffing; risk management, requests for proposals, and local obstacles and opportunities.
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