Center for Applied Liberal Arts

Portfolio/Thesis Requirement

This program offers a unique pairing of a thesis and an e-portfolio. Both products work together to create a significant body of work spanning the needs of the professional environment and the requirements of the academic system of evaluation. Students contract with a faculty adviser in the first or second semesters, indicating a concentration in a particular discipline of professional writing (e.g. medicine, digital media, finance, grants, business), or a combination of disciplines. The portfolio will contain documents and other media demonstrating the student's understanding of the principles, concepts, styles, formats, and content of the chosen concentration. While the portfolio will develop during the entire experience in the program, the thesis is a culminating study reserved for the final semester (Fall 3) of the student's experience. Students are required to take only two electives during the ultimate term to provide for time to work, under the guidance of an advisor, on the thesis. The thesis will demonstrate the theoretical knowledge behind the portfolio and bridge the portfolio with course work and other products from the online courses. The thesis will be in the form of a major report and will range from 40-60 pages single spaced.
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