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Graphic Novels / Manga

Graphic novels, manga, and comic art have changed greatly in recent years, reaching new markets and bringing in more than $1 billion in sales in the North American market. Librarians, young adults and middle grade readers have embraced this genre, creating new excitement and innovation. This course explores the major genres of graphic novels including manga, superhero, memoir and literary as well as the elements of successful content creation, sales, and marketing strategies. As comic art, too, grows in appeal both to children and adults, it has captured a larger segment of the marketplace. Students explore what works for both adult and adolescent audiences in all these related genres, and what makes effective art and editorial content. This course is not only for those interested specifically in these publishing niches, but for those who want to understand how to develop specialty publishing markets and how to target a passionate and highly targeted audience base. The lessons learned are widely applicable.
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