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Reality TV

The basis for the appeal of both talk shows and reality TV may lie mainly in the ¿uncensored,¿ ¿unscripted,¿ and ¿spontaneous¿ nature of these human dramas. Real World, which premiered on MTV in 1991, has been credited with helping to establish many of the textual characteristics that define the genre of ¿Reality TV,¿ a form that in less than 20 years has come to dominate the American television landscape. From its inception, Reality TV has ballooned, mushroomed, and mutated into endless hybrids and sub-genres. This course aims to explore questions such as: What are the political and economic environments and ideologies that facilitate not only why and how the programs are produced, but also the audiences¿ reactions? How may this fascination or even obsession with the ¿real¿ impact the styles and productions of other cultural products? How are the factors of race, class, gender, and sexuality systematically represented in the programs, and what is Realty TV¿s social impact?
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