Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

The Science of Fandom

This course delivers an in-depth foundation of the aspects of the sports fan as a special category of consumer by providing students with an understanding of the underpinnings of fans¿ perspectives, attitudes, affinities, and even reactions to their favorite teams¿ successes and failures. This course begins with establishing the difference between typical consumer behavior for products and services to the sports service industry. We will delve into the science of fandom by exploring the psychology, sociology and neuroscience of fandom, review relevant academic literature pertaining to theories of social group dynamics and humans¿ innate drive towards community. We will also explore the psychological framework for fandom. Students will learn about fan behaviors and their economic motivations along with implications for sports economics, pricing models, ticketing packages, etc. Students will put their learning into practice through a case study where students will develop a product offering for a sports team, drawing on the insights from this course.
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