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Rwanda: A Study of Justice and Reconciliation

Indescribably horrific crimes were committed in 1994 during the genocide in Rwanda, resulting in approximately 800,000 to 1 million fatalities. Roughly three quarters of the adult male Tutsi population, as well as moderate Hutus, were killed in approximately 100 days. This course will examine the following questions: How does a country rebuild after such horribly devastating atrocities? How does it attempt to achieve justice? And, is reconciliation between perpetrators and victims possible? Through our pre-departure class sessions and our field study on the ground in Rwanda, we will explore the background on the events surrounding the genocide; the trial and domestic traditional mechanisms designed to achieve accountability for the crimes committed; the extent to which each mechanism has achieved justice and/or contributed to reconciliation; the grassroots reconciliation efforts within Rwanda; and the memorialization of the genocide.
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