Center for Global Affairs

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Global Affairs

This course teaches monitoring, evaluation and learning (ME&L). How do we deliver better interventions and deliver them better? In other words, how do we use ME&L to design stronger, more effective interventions targeted at the real source of the problem, those able to produce greater positive impact? And how do we use ME&L to deliver those interventions better, more effectively, more efficiently, with less waste and more fun? Beyond studying M&E methods (social science research methods), we seek to build ME&L systems. What is good M&E? How is good M&E executed? And, how do we design organizational structures and incentives to foster learning from M&E? In short, how can we use ME&L to craft better interventions and to deliver better services? This is an introductory course. It provides students with an overview of essential topics and offers resources and directions for those who wish to learn more. As an overview, introductory course, it is useful to both creators and consumers of monitoring and evaluation results.
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