Marketing and Public Relations

Quantifying the Impact and Value of Marketing and Communications Programs

Quantifying and analyzing the impact and value of marketing and communications has become more sophisticated than tracking media mentions, impressions, unique visits, clicks, and likes. Students learn how to evaluate, choose, and track the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), associated with their business, marketing or communications objectives. This course provides the student with the latest quantitative and qualitative techniques for identifying consumer insights, quantifying market potential, measuring relevance, assessing the health of customer relationships, and maximizing growth. Students develop approaches to monitoring and dashboarding, evaluate how to integrate the measurement of PR into the broader marketing framework, and measure the impact from marketing on overall business results using Customer Lifetime Value and Return on Investment techniques. Students also learn how to implement select analytical, data visualization, and presentation software to help integrate and transform data, analyze the data, visualize the results and insights, and translate these into strategic, actionable recommendations.
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