Marketing and Public Relations

Deciding on Where to Play and How to Win

Identifying ¿where to play¿ and ¿how to win¿ are central questions that drive business strategy and ultimately shape marketing and communications plans. This course helps marketing and communications leaders understand how an organization¿s business strategy influences marketing and communications strategy, and what role these disciplines play within an organization to help define and achieve business goals, and to identify profitable new business development opportunities. This course analyzes the strategy formulation and decision-making process for successful growth strategies built around well-defined target markets and value propositions. Core skills developed include strategy planning, formulation, translation of strategy to goals, engaging feedback, evaluating success, identifying and assessing growth options, developing mitigation strategies and methodologies to ethically pre-empt or neutralize potential negative growth factors, as well as planning for effective strategy implementation along with the process of making effective decisions for near-term and long-term brand and organizational growth.
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