Human Capital Management

Business Strategy

Understanding Business Strategy is an essential capability for Executive Coaches and Organizational Consultants. This course focuses on the components of a business strategic plan and how to apply it to your work as a coach or consultant. It includes foundational concepts such as: the key components of a business / organization; why businesses need a strategy; why consultants need to understand their client¿s strategy; key strategic planning outputs: direction statements, strategic objectives, priority issues and action plans. The course includes discussions about differentiation, brand building, core competencies, value creation, innovation, speed to market, technology, cost reduction and competitive advantage. Students discuss globalization, corporate social responsibility, geo- political impacts, data analytics and insights, shifting demographics, social media, creating both problems and unique opportunities. Throughout the course, students understand business strategy development and implementation. A final assignment involves the creation of an individualized Final Paper utilizing the approaches and techniques learned during the course (for an approved client: individual, team or organization selected by the student). Upon successful completion of the course, students understand strategy paradigms and how to apply their client¿s strategy to their work as a coach or consultant.
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