Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies

Senior Project: Seminar (Digital Communications and Media)

This seminar is the capstone of your undergraduate studies. Drawing on your acquired skills, you will create a complete media production related to your career goals. The resulting work should be part of a demo reel or website to support the students¿ entry into their profession. After the initial approval of the topic, the student develops the project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The seminar will provide the student with discussions of research topics of general interest, feedback and constructive criticism of individual projects, and individual mentoring sessions. Papers and project must be the student's individual, original work and include the creative project, treatment, journal, technical documentation, and a learning experience essay summarizing the process and skills used. The final project will be presented to a panel consisting of faculty members or industry guests. One member can be an invited professional of the student¿s choosing.
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