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Interactive Design I: Building A Website

This course focuses on the process and practice of developing content/ideas for the web. We will explore these ideas by working with design treatments that are specific to an online setting. The class will examine this process, from the conceptual development, through the creative, and follow through to the technical execution of the design/content. While foremost a design class, in order to execute online concepts, we must learn the necessary tools. It is important to note that when dealing with these digital tools, we do not let the technology drive our thoughts, nor limit them. Our ideas drive the technology. As we develop our own work and analyze others, some questions that we will keep in mind throughout the course are:¿ What is the main message that we are driving towards the user? ¿ Who is the target audience of the material being presented? ¿ What makes this particular design/execution stand out amongst its competitors?
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