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BS in Real Estate

The BS in Real Estate, offered by the NYU School of Professional Studies Schack Institute of Real Estate, provides students with a comprehensive understanding of real estate within the urban landscape. This full-time undergraduate real estate degree has repeatedly been ranked as one of the top university real estate undergraduate degree programs in the United States. It immerses students from around the globe in NYC—the real estate capital of the world—affording an insider's view of trending topics in real estate law, real estate finance, real estate economics, market analysis, the real estate development process, and asset and portfolio management, all while attaining a highly sought-after NYU undergraduate education.

Advantages of NYU SPS’s BS in Real Estate Program

  • Located in the heart of New York City, the real estate capital of the world
  • Full-time study, with all courses held during the day
  • Curriculum that combines the NYU liberal arts core with a comprehensive real estate education
  • Concentrations in Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Development, and Real Estate Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Electives that focus on emerging areas such as Urban Design and Property Technology
  • Internships and site visits at top real estate and financial firms
  • Study abroad opportunities around the worldBS

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Authoritative curriculum information can be found exclusively in the University Bulletin. All other content, including this web-page, is for informational purpose only. You can find the curriculum for this program on this page of the Bulletin.

Who Should Earn the BS in Real Estate?

The BS in Real Estate offers curriculum that is based on experiential learning with content being taught by subject matter experts in the real estate field. Students who are curious and creative, and who want to influence the global built environment in a positive way will thrive in this program. The fundamentals of real estate finance and sustainable development are emphasized for students to succeed in the competitive job market. Emerging and evolving areas including ESG, Data Analytics and Market Analysis, Community Engagement and Real Estate Development, and Entrepreneurship and the Metaverse are explored, preparing graduates for myriad opportunities ahead.


Francisco Castillo

Francisco Castillo is currently a junior at NYU SPS in the BS in Real Estate program. His interests span across diverse areas of the industry including financial markets, behavioral economics, and non-traditional asset classes. This past summer, Francisco was able to acquire real-world experience that hiring managers seek by completing an internship as an analyst on the retail asset management team of PGIM Real Estate, one of the largest real estate private equity firms in the world, with over $200B assets under management. He has been able to work on many projects ranging from net effective rent analyses and impact to value forecasting to large-scale data collection and interpretation with some of the brightest minds in the industry. This experience has provided him with unique insight into what effective management of both stabilized and distressed real estate assets look like, in addition to providing an understanding of the skills and qualities that are most valuable to firms such as PGIM.

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Learn From Faculty Members WhoAre Experts and Mentors

NYU SPS faculty members who teach in the BS in Real Estate Program, provide students with a comprehensive overview of what's happening now in the field, as well as the opportunities for growth and new development. They provide insights from their own experiences, bringing real-world learning directly into the classroom and accompanying students on visits to major real estate firms and construction sites. Here Justin Fallon, a BS in Real Estate student, poses with Clinical Assistant Professor Brian Schwagerl JD, undergraduate chair, taking in the NYC views from the top floor of a construction site.

Gain Global Insights Through Study Abroad

BS in Real Estate students benefit from study abroad opportunities that are available in the form of Global Field Intensives (GFIs). These experiences provide incredible perspective into real estate markets around the world and include site visits to top international real estate firms and financial services companies. Predeparture, students work with professors in New York City to develop a research goal or project that can be executed in the field, however, the lessons learned will serve you for a lifetime!


Benefit From Unsurpassed Networking Opportunities

The BS in Real Estate Development provides unsurpassed networking opportunities through the Schack Institute of Real Estate's many events including the Annual Conference on Capital Markets in Real Estate, the Annual REIT Symposium, and the Annual National Symposium of Women in Real Estate. Schack also offers BS in Real Estate students networking opportunities through site visits and guest lectures, all providing the critical industry connections that help to build valuable relationships for career launch or advancement. Here students pose with Associate Dean Marc Norman at the REIT Symposium.

Internships and Job Opportunities

Through the Schack Institute for Real Estate and the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development at NYU SPS, BS in Real Estate students can complete internships that provide the hands-on experience needed to launch their careers here in the United States and around the world. Many of these internships evolve into permanent jobs. Our students have secured internships and have gone on to be hired by a wide range of companies and organizations including the following, among others:

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