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BS in Leadership and Management Studies

As the work environment evolves, becoming more complex and globalized, the demand for strong leadership and management skills will increase. The BS in Leadership and Management Studies is a multifaceted business degree that prepares you for professional roles across industry sectors. This business major allows students to explore the business core competencies including business organization and management, business law and ethics, accounting, finance, economics, and leadership, among others. Four business concentrations and electives provide the opportunity to specialize in fields that offer distinct career paths. This comprehensive NYU degree will build your knowledge and network, readying you for the opportunities ahead.

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Degree Advantage

  • 100% online, on-site, and hybrid degree options available
  • Seamless credit transfer and credit for prior learning
  • Core courses that provide the critical thinking and analytical skills hiring managers seek
  • Four concentrations in areas of specialty that define your career path and enhance your resume
  • Award-winning career development services
  • Academic advising, tutoring, and mentorship
  • Flexible full- or part-time study options
  • Engaging SPS Online Student Experience

Who Should Earn the BS in Leadership and Management Studies?

Whether you are already working in a management or leadership role but never had the opportunity to earn your degree, or you are contemplating enrolling in a business administration degree to launch or change your career, the BS in Leadership and Management Studies offers the level of business education that will prepare you for the workforce of the future. It will equip you to lead and manage people, projects, departments, and whole organizations, while providing the opportunity to demonstrate and apply what you've learned through a capstone project and an optional business management internship.

Choose From Four Concentrations

The BS in Leadership and Management Studies offers four concentrations—Human Resources Management; International Business and Global Management (online or on-site); Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations; and Organizational Management and Development. Each concentration delves deep into an area of specialty that will focus your career path and enhance your resume.

Learn What it Takes to Lead From Faculty Experts

Faculty members who teach in the BS in Leadership and Management Studies program offer their expertise across a wide range of business-related subjects, and also provide you with the day-to-day insights that are immediately applicable on the job. Their teaching is based on business theory, yet it provides concrete examples and case studies to clearly illustrate the content covered.

Faculty Contacts

Dr. Bri Newland, Assistant Dean, Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies
(212) 998-7201


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