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BA in Social Sciences

Today, more than ever, companies and organizations seek to employ well-rounded individuals who are able to think critically and creatively, solve problems, and bring a deeper understanding of the world and its complexities to all that they do. Completing your undergraduate studies by earning a social sciences degree can empower you to pursue professional opportunities across a broad range of fields—from management to law, government to education, social work to psychology, and economics to finance. The BA in Social Sciences offers a comprehensive liberal arts education with a choice of 11 concentrations. The NYU degree you earn will add tremendous value to your resume, providing the knowledge, skills, and intellectual curiosity to launch or advance your career and enrich your life.

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Who Should Earn the BA in Social Sciences?

Whether you know the professional path you would like to pursue or are not quite sure about a career direction, the BA in Social Sciences can provide you with an NYU education that is as defined or as flexible as you need to meet your goals and objectives. Gain deep insights into the trends and behaviors that are reshaping the world in which we live. Internships at a wide variety of employers provide work experience to enhance your resume.

Choose from 11 Concentrations

The BA in Social Sciences offers concentrations in Anthropology, Economics (online or on-site), History, International Studies, Media Studies, Organizational Behavior and Change (online or on-site), Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Sustainability and Urbanism. Each concentration provides a comprehensive exploration of subject matter that is deeply relevant to work and life.

Learn From Faculty Members Who are Experts and Mentors

Faculty members who teach in the BA in Social Sciences hail from a wide range of disciplines and provide the deep content expertise required to ensure an exceptional experience in the classroom. Faculty members mentor you through the entire learning process, offering invaluable insights and opening your mind to new intellectual pursuits and career possibilities.

Faculty Contacts

Dr. Bri Newland, Assistant Dean,                                       Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies
(212) 998-7201


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