AA in Liberal Arts


You will learn about the role of historical and global developments in shaping the contemporary world and analyze social issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives. You also will build quantitative reasoning skills and will be introduced to trends in scientific development, as well as various genres in the arts, literature, and music. The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts will prepare you to write effectively and think analytically, while introducing you to various fields of study in the liberal arts. It is also a pathway to the BA in Humanities or BA in Social Sciences. 100% online, on-site, or hybrid degree program.

Become well-rounded and explore the liberal arts while building a foundation in the humanities and social sciences.

Faculty Contact

Dr. Bri Newland, Assistant Dean, Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies
(212) 998-7201

Program Structure

Core Courses

Core courses provide an in-depth exploration of the liberal arts that expands your critical thinking and analytical skills, increases your knowledge, and develops your intellect.

Free Electives

Choose courses that match your interests in the humanities and social sciences.

Required Liberal Arts Courses

The required liberal arts courses are an opportunity to start to build a foundation in the humanities and social sciences.

Core Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Authoritative curriculum information can be found exclusively in the University Bulletin. All other content, including this web-page, is for informational purpose only. You can find the curriculum for this program on this page of the Bulletin.

Admissions Criteria

Note: Applicants must have at least a gap semester between high school graduation and their pursuit of an associate degree at NYUSPS.

Applications will be reviewed for evidence of:

  • Academic preparedness suggestive of success at the associate level

  • Personal attributes that predict readiness for college-level work (e.g., motivation to learn, time management, personal responsibility, maturity)

  • Self-reflection on reasons for pursuing a college degree and how the degree will advance one’s personal or career goals

Application Dates

  • Fall - August 1st

  • Spring - January 1st

Required Forms and Application Details

  • $0 application fee

  • GED or high school diploma required - recommended minimum 2.7 (B-) GPA

  • Résumé

  • 1 Letter of recommendation (recommended, but not required)

  • 4 short-answer essays

  • Official transcripts from all high school and colleges attended


For Academic Year 2019-2020

Tuition per 4 credit course $2,040

Registration Fee* $708

*Fees based on total number of courses registered for, see link below for details.

Review Process

Applications are reviewed by the NYUSPS Office of Admissions, in consultation with the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies.


Financing Your Education

We know that financial planning for your education is of the utmost importance. We want to support you. Click the link below to learn about financial aid opportunities or download the financial aid guidelines document.